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About chansaws for beginners

What should I look for?

The chain saw is definitely the best tool for the rapid and efficient execution of cutting. However, it is for sure there is more than one way to cut wood. Manufacturers are producing chain saws with several engine size and guisde bar length. It is the function of the customer's personal needs whichever is going to be choosen. If only some branches should be choped off you will not need a particularly big engine and long guide bar. However, if you need to cut out an old, dry oak tree you may need at least a chainsaw with 50 cc engine and 50-inch guide bar. To pick the proper  equipment you may consider in which combination of features of the followings are corresponding the best way to your ideas.

             Special Features - The modern chain saws are featured with a number of special scharacteristics, which are very useful not only for beginners but also for advanced handymen. If someone had already used an older chainsaw he/she can remember it was quite complicate to manage the chain, a special tool was necessary to set the tension, to ensure the smooth running and prevent disruptions. Among the modern machines there already models which does not require such tool supplements. At the same time the engines are usually built with easy start system so much smaller force is enough to start the machine. The modern chainsaws are abound with such functions that facilitate their use. For example the decompression valve, the anti-vibration modules, more ergonomic design and less weight, vidit toothed chains and so on.

             Performance - The engine size of the chainsaw used to be given in cubic meter. For hobby users, or to work around the house the most popular size is between 32 and 45 ccm. These engines are already able to deliver relatively high power. For a bit larger demand, one should select the same size category in semi-professional class. For industrial, professional use only over 50-55 ccm is appropriate. The special, so-called tree care saws represent a specific category, in this case usually the design reflects the method of use already. Typically, there is only one upper hilt, they have integrated control functions and a low weight for the one hand treatment. The engine size is between 20 and 35ccm, the power is accordingly lower (1-1,6 HP). They are specifically designes for cutting twigs.

             Compact Size - One of the most important feature the chain saws have evolved by is the way of cooperation and design, and respectively, more and more compact machines had been designed by the manufacturers. The old chain saws were quite clumpsy and it was difficult to work with them for longer time. Modern machines are more compact, although, of course some still has a respectable size as function of the engine size. The same way of course, it is also affecting the size whether it works by electricity, battery-power or gasoline engine.

When the time of choping woods is coming, whether it is trimming large trees or firewood, it is sure the chain saw is the best choice for fast and efficient work. To be ablle to do the best it worth to carefully look for informations to find the most appropriate machine.

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