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Saw chainconfectioning

We are manufactureing loop sawchains for personal needs from the coiled format of sawchains produced by our company. In case you would be interested an item like that, please send the following datas to our e-mail adress ( ).

  • type of chain
  • number drive links
  • pitch
  • gauge


Terminology - Sawchains

The loopchain types should be interpreted as follows:



100SG = type of chain

45E = number of drive links

Our chain types perfectly fits to most of the famous gasoline and electric chainsaw brands.

  • 100SG-44E: Stihl, Shindaiwa
  • 100SG-45E: Bosch, Dolmar, Oleo-Mac, Solo
  • 100SG-56E: Partner, Husqvarna
  • 101VG-50E: Stihl
  • 101VG-52E: AL-KO, Cub Cadet, Dolmar, Echo, Efco, Einhell, Hitachi, Homelite, Husqvarna, Partner, Makita, Jonsered, Poulan, Ryobi, Shindaiwa, Skil, Solo
  • 101VG-56E: Black & Decker, Craftsman, Efco, Einhell, Homelite, Husqvarna, McCulloch, Oleo-Mac, Partner, Solo
  • 101VG-57E: Bosch, Cup Cadet, Dolmar, Echo, Hitachi, Ikra, Jonsered, Makita, Poulan, Ryobi, Shindaiwa, Skil, Solo
  • 30LP-56E: Makita
  • 30LP-64E: Makita
  • 30LP-66E: AL-KO, Echo, Shindaiwa, McCulloch
  • 30LP-72E: AL-KO, Echo, Homelite, Makita, Shindaiwa, McCulloch
  • 31LP-64E: Cub Cadet, Dolmar, Einhell, Husqvarna, Makita, Oleo-Mac, Partner, Shindaiwa
  • 31LP-72E: Cub Cadet, Dolmar, Echo, Einhell, Husqvarna, Makita, Oleo-Mac, Partner, Shindaiwa
  • 83LP-56E: Dolmar, Husqvarna, Makita, Solo
  • 83LP-64E: AL-KO, Dolmar, Echo, Husqvarna, Makita, Solo
  • 83LP-68E: Husqvarna, McCulloch, Oleo-Mac, Partner, Solo
  • 85LP-60E: Husqvarna, Stihl, Poulan
  • 85LP-66E: Stihl
  • 105VP-56E: Dolmar, Efco, Husqvarna, Oleo-Mac, Stihl
  • 105VP-64E: Dolmar, Efco, Husqvarna, Oleo-Mac
  • 105VP-72E: Dolmar, Husqvarna, Oleo-Mac


Guide Bar Terminology

Example: OR 1438H13041

  • OR - Product code
  • 14 - Length in inch
  • 38 - Pitch
  • H - Code of Use: H= Hobby; SP=SempiPro; P=Pro
  • 1,3 - gauge in mm
  • 041 - Engine end 041, 074 - Hobby; 095, 009 - Husquarna; 025 - Stihl


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