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Did you know that the shape and diameter of the trimmer line determines how quickly and efficiently you can work on the grass with your line trimmer or brush cutter? Obviously you knew!

      The trimmer lines with different shapes and diameter are dedicated to absolve easier or harder tasks depending on their character. It should be selected in advance as a function of the vegatation on the working area which type you choose, especially since the right deceison can reduce the reduce the working time to 50% and provide a more clear,  more smooth cutting surface.
      We made a short summary of this theme and we hope you gonna find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Round Trimmer Lines
      Do you use the trimmer to finish the edges of the lawn or to get rid of the weeds in the yard of the house? You want to work on vegetation which does not require too much time anyway?

      The round profile trimmer lines are the most common types, they do not wear out as fast as other lines. Such lines are usually used for lighter cutting work around the house, for not too rough vegetation. They are harder to interrupt, they are more resistant against hitting concrete, wood or other objects bumps and due to this feature they last longer. At the same time this type of lines is the easiest to restring the trimmer.

Examples: PORTLAND Longlaster and Longlaster Max trimmer lines

Polygon profile Trimmer Lines

      Do you have a bigger yard? Do you have to cut thicker vegetation? The trimmer lines with polygonal profile are designed to do medium-sized works like stronger weeds or larger filed.     

Multi-sided trimmer lines have multiple sides that produce a cleaner cut. These lines commonly come in the shape of a star, square or pentagon. These trimmer lines slice through heavy weeds and thick grass quickly and efficiently, giving you an even cut in less time. However, multi-sided trimmer lines break easy when they come in contact with stones, fences, curbs, sidewalks and etc.

For example: PORTLAND Longlas
ter PRO trimmer lines

Serrated TRimmer Lines

Do you have a lot of weeds on your property? Or do you use your trimmer for a lot of commercial use? Serrated trimmer lines are used for heavier jobs with thicker weeds and more area to cover.

With edges that act like teeth or a kitchen knife, this serrated line can quickly saw through grass blades and thick leaves, leaving a cleaner trim. This trimmer line has extra cutting power and can be used for medium-heavy jobs. A serrated trimmer line can cut through weeds easily and quickly to keep your trimming time at a minimum.

Twisted profile cutting threads

Do you have a lot of heavy, thick weeds? Do you use your trimmer for rugged commercial use? A twisted trimmer line is used for heavy-duty use and on yards with a lot of heavy, thick weeds.

Twisted Trimmer line adds strength, improved efficiency and reduces noise levels. This line is a step up from the round style line and offers durability when hitting concrete or hard surfaces. This trimmer line can reduce trimmer vibrations and noise levels while giving you a clean, even cut.

For example: PORTLAND Xprime trimmer line
Line Diameter

Trimmer line comes in many different line weights and diameters. A larger diameter will increase your cutting power and durability against thicker grasses and weeds. A lighter weight should be used on areas where there are a minimum of weeds. However, each trimmer can only handle a certain line diameter, check your owner's manual for
model specific recommendations.

What is what?

Light Work: R
esidential front and back lawns with lighter weeds.

Medium Work: Larger back and front lawns or lawns with heavier weeds and light commercial work.

Heavy work: Industrial landscaping, large yards, golf courses and other areas that need a large amount of trimming.

Diameter Size:

Light-medium work:
1.3 mm - 2.0 mm

Medium-heavy work: 2.0 mm - 2.4 mm

Very heavy work: 2,7m +


When choosing trimmer line determine the thickness of your weeds and the line recommendations in your owner's manual. With the right trimmer line choice you'll get a clean, even cut in half the time.

Of course there are other features of trimmer lines beside the ones described above what we could discuss for long, however these two used to be the most important parameters.

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