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Brush cutter trimmer lines - colour codes

Our trimmer lines aim to meet versatile needs, accordingly to that goal we designed them with different profiles and thickness.

Most types are packed in different length, in this way you can choose the most suitable presentation for you. The certain lines with different width are ideal for different purposes. This should be taken into consideration at purchase!

Recommended field of use by diamater:

  • 0,65"/1,7 mm - trimming edges at flower bed or lawn, cutting small weeds
  • 0,90"/2,4 mm - cutting more diverse but still not too strong vegetation
  • 1,05"/2,7 mm - cutting versital, more mature herbaceous vegetation
  • 1,20"/3,0 mm - cutting of mature vegetation contain woody stems or hardened parts

Most important advantages by the profile of the lines:

  • Round cross-section / rounded trimmer lines: excellent heat tolerance and endurance, great toughness at withstanding shock
  • Three bladed cross-section / tri-cut trimmer lines: the cutting blade is always on the front, due to this a sharp cut-picture is created. Another advantage is that the peak of the grass does not get braun
  • Spiral cross section / twisted trimmer lines: less noise emission even with 50% , enhanced hitting-cutting power 

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